You need a minute.

All the losses, anxieties, and unknowns of the world we live in are swirling these days, and honestly, it can start to feel like too much.

You know you need to invest in your emotional and mental well-being. But you don't have a lot of time, and you can't take on a big commitment right now.

That's where we come in.

We're Ashmae & Kathy, writer friends who co-founded, to teach writing online.

We know from teaching hundreds of people that personal writing is one of the quickest routes to calm and clarity of thought. Writing can even be an avenue of inner healing.

In the time it would take to watch a movie, we'll show you how.

We hosted and recorded 5 online writing workshops. They're each self-contained, so you don't have to go in order. We promise you that you will finish each one with a more peaceful state of mind and greater sense of authority over your own life.

We're excited to help you find your footing.

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How to reduce your

anxiety through writing

This two-hour writing workshop walks you through writing you can do every day to help calm anxiety and give your life back to you in meaningful ways.


Find confidence by

re-writing an origin story

Every day, you tell yourself stories that define who you are. Too often, you repeat the most harmful origin stories, as if they are unchangeable. But you can literally rewrite your story in ways that empower you.

In this workshop, we walk you through the process of re-writing one of your origin stories. You won't pretend away the past, but you will change its meaning for yourself. In the first hour, we'll give you guidance and writing prompts. In the second hour, we'll spend time writing together, with access to us for questions.


How to start writing into a big story

How do you write about something big in your past? It can be hard to know how to tell that kind of story, let alone heal from or understand it. And that can leave you stuck and unable to move forward in your life.

In this workshop, we teach you simple techniques that allow you to write into a challenging experience so you can heal, be compassionate to yourself, and sort out what is too big to simply hold in your head. You won't write your entire story in an hour, but we'll get you started in ways that give you confidence to continue.


Reading & Writing Poetry

Poetry can feel like an inaccessible world, but it doesn't have to. Reading and writing poetry can expand your mind, break and heal your heart, and give you access to the incredible power of language.

Think of this workshop as a 101 crash course in reading poetry, gaining some basic poetry-writing skills to try on your own, and getting to know relevant historical and contemporary poets. As always, we'll spend an hour learning together and an hour writing together, with time for questions and support along the way.

In less time than it takes to watch a movie on Netflix, we'll guide you

to writing something that makes your life better.

We promise it will be time well used.


Workshops to find your footing

By registering for all 5, you get:

  • How to reduce your anxiety through writing
  • Find confidence by rewriting an origin story
  • How to start writing into a big story
  • Reading and writing poetry 101
  • How to write authentically on social media

(Individual workshops are $25. Register for all 5 and you get one free.)