Face Your Writing Fears and Find Out

What Your Story Has to Teach You

Guided course begins August 1, 2018

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You sense there is something glowing inside you.

A story that would like to be told. You may not know what this story is, what it will mean, or how to tell it. That's okay. Writing is a portal to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. It is a tool that allows us access to our stories in surprising and vibrant ways. It is a craft and a practice that lets us know who we are in the doing of it.

So, you are probably spot on in this intuitive sense that something is there and ready to be told, but you don't know how to start. Perhaps you're intimidated or not even sure your story is worth telling at all. Maybe you are excited and ready. This course is for the part of you that is scared and the part of you that is confident.

I've spent over a dozen years navigating both the doubt and the exhilaration that is writing my own story and ideas. I want you to know it is worth the work it takes to write.

If you feel like now is your time to start, trust that. I am here to guide you, and incredibly honored and excited to play that role.

I’m Ashmae and I made this writing course for you.

The ideas I'll teach you in this course have helped me create small, personal writing projects for my children, family, and friends. I’ve also used these ideas to write and publish 6 children's books; run two successful Kickstarter campaigns; launch the We Brave Women project; get poetry on billboards in my city; write my own memoir, 100 Birds Taught Me To Fly, which was published by a University Press and was a finalist in the most prestigious independent writer's awards; write for well-known blogs and journals; lead a book tour around the country; teach at dozens of events, retreats and classroom settings.

I'll give you tools to help your voice be heard where you want it to be.

In this 13-week guided course, we'll explore your writing fears, get past your sticking points, and talk deeply about good writing, so that you'll finish with at least 5 polished pages of finished work you feel confident about.


Here's what's included in your course:

1. Weekly live video lesson + q&a session with me

Each week we will gather as a group online for these sessions. (Videos will be recorded and available to watch later if you can't join us live.)

2. Thorough worksheets and exercises

You will receive 3-5 pages of worksheets each week to accompany the video lesson. They will get you writing, working and thinking hard. You also get an additional weekly prompt and technique worksheet that will take you through the steps to finish the course with five polished pages of writing.

3. Private Facebook writing group

You get access to a Facebook group specific to the course, where you can get support, friends, discussions about specific writing topics, and feedback.

4. Supplemental support

In addition to the lessons, you'll receive supplemental materials, such as reading lists, discussions about genre, article links, and first steps to publishing.

**(Optional: Personal writing sessions with me)

You may also choose to get a 40-minute personal coaching writing session with me during the 13 weeks, for an added cost. If you choose this, we will correspond individually to set up a time that we can meet over the phone to discuss your writing. Note: The point of these calls will be to focus on what you are writing specifically for this class.

Mine to Tell—Course Schedule

Lesson 1: Introduction - Finding the Story Glowing Inside You

Lesson 2: Facing Your Fears

Lesson 3: Letting Go of the Audience

Lesson 4: Trusting What the 'I' Has to Say

Lesson 5: Starting Small and Moving Outward

Lesson 6: Stretching a Moment

Lesson 7: Letting Go of Devotion to Exactness

Lesson 8: Making Your Words Do the Work

Lesson 9: Open vs. Closed Tex

Lesson 10: Paying Attention

Lesson 11: How Do You Know If What You've Written Is Good?

Lesson 12: Finding Confidence in Your Voice as You Move Forward

Lesson 13: Celebrating Your Work

See a preview of worksheet 1:


Plus: Join a private online writing group with me

In addition to all course videos and worksheets, this class includes a private online Facebook group. Together, we'll share our writing, successes, and suggestions. I will be active in the group all during the course to answer questions and support your process.

I expect we’ll be a tight group with opportunity for personal connection. I hope you'll join me.

Your Instructor


Ashmae Hoiland is a creator of art, of writing, of projects that try to make the world better. She received a BFA in painting and an MFA in poetry. She is the writer/illustrator of five children's books; creator of the We Brave Women project (an initiative to tell the stories of brave women around the world through art and writing); writer and illustrator of 100 Birds Taught Me To Fly (a memoir), winner of several awards, including being a finalist in the national Indiefab awards. She has taught writing in University settings, as a keynote speaker, at dozens of events and retreats.


Few things are more discouraging than having something to say—and never saying it. Silence cuts us off from each other and from ourselves.

If you feel the draw to tell a story, but you doubt yourself, join me for this class. You’ll be glad you did.

"Over the course of this class, it became clear to me that I have a bad habit of hiding behind my writing. The lessons and writing sessions helped me to bring myself out more to the forefront, to stake a firmer claim on my writing style and my identity as a writer."

- Keturrah, former writing student

"Something that stands out to me about Ashmae is her ability to see my writing and my voice as unique and special on its own. She has never forced her style or approach on me and has always encouraged me to dig deeper within myself for the answers to my writing woes. I come away from meetings with her thinking I must be amazing to have come up with these ideas all on my own, when the reality is she’s been leading me there the whole time! Through her guidance and helpful critiques of my writing, I’ve received various awards, scholarships, and acceptance letters. I owe much of this success to Ashmae and her thoughtful mentorship!"

- Paige, writing student

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Who is this course for?

Mine to Tell is designed for newer writers. If you want to write, but maybe don’t feel confident in calling yourself a “writer,” this course is for you. You have a story to tell! Maybe you’re drawn to write your baby’s birth stories, or shape some experiences into a book, or just express yourself better. I want to help you surprise yourself with how much beautiful writing you can create.

+ Can more advanced writers enroll?

Of course! Anyone with a story to tell is welcome here. In addition to the actual writing, we’ll also be exploring fears that keep us blocked. If sharing your voice feels like a struggle for you (even if you’ve published 10 books), you’re welcome here.

+ When does the course start and finish?

The course stars on [date], runs for 12 weeks, and ends on [date]. The course has a set start date because it is a live, guided experience with me. All of the videos and worksheets can be completed on your own time, but we will move through each week together as a class. And I will hold regular live Q&As online at certain points in the course, so you’ll want to follow along.

+ How long do I have access to the course?

Once the course is over, you continue to have unlimited access to the course materials. Access to me and my feedback through live Q&As and Faebook group lasts until [date].

+ Will we meet other students in the course?

Yes! We’ll all be together in a private Facebook group where we can share our work and experience with the course.

+ Will we have to share our work with you or other students?

You have an opportunity to share your work with other students in our private group, or with me if your question is selected for a live Q&A. But you’ll only share what you feel comfortable with. If you prefer to keep all your writing private, I support you in doing so. Your story is yours to tell, when and how you choose.

+ What genre will we be writing in?

You are welcome to write your work for this course in any genre you choose. But the conversation will center around creative non-fiction, essay, and memoir. (In other words, how to write your personal story.) Some students who took this course as a live experience started out thinking they wanted to write about their ancestors, but then found they had much to say about their own lives.

+ What if I am unhappy with the course?

I only want you to be part of this course if it’s the right fit for you. Try it for 3 weeks. If you find it’s not what you’re looking for, I'll refund your money.

"Ashmae Hoiland has a real gift for asking big-picture questions while offering line-specific edits. It’s so helpful (and rare) to work with a writer who can ask the right questions, see what is and is not working, and then offer clear insights about what to do next."

-John, professional writer


I believe in writing as a tool to make change in the world. I believe the craft of articulating your story, first to yourself and then to others, is worth investing in. Allowing your story space and time to teach you can be an illuminating, even spiritual journey. Not one that comes without a lot of work, and even frustration, but over the years as I've put in the work to face fear and doubt head on, and not just write in spite of them, but with them, I've learned that my story, even in all its simplicity, is worth writing about. First for myself, then for others.

You can aim wherever is comfortable to you. This is a space free of judgement. This is a course about learning to write first and foremost for yourself, and to love yourself in the doing of it.

Growing Through Stone: How to Find Creative Space in a Busy Life, is the other course offered in this series. It is a 4-week course. You can purchase it separately or as part of the bundle option with this course. If purchased with this course, you will have the option to start this course after Mine To Tell is finished. The class is taught by a brilliant woman who is well-qualified to help you maximize your creative potential when you have very limited time. I will also help to teach the course.